Who makes attractions safe?

There are many people involved in setting standards that make amusement rides and devices safe. The ASTM F24 standards are used in 19 countries, and counting. The committee has almost 900 members, and holds meetings three times annually. Meetings held in USA have almost 300 people participating in multiple concurrent sessions, literally poring over language used in standards to ensure that people following the standards will interpret the requirements as intended.

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2014 May Visit with Rob

KW RK 2014May

During a little post-exams strategic retreat this Spring, I had the chance to visit and catch a few mid-day rides at Universal Islands of Adventure with alumnus Rob Kipping. Rob is a 2013 Ryerson Computer Engineering grad (participant in THRILL Lab CNE field trip 2012) now working as a ride integration engineer, designing and developing industrial electronics used in major theme park attractions, both as a subcontractor for major theme parks and supplier of turnkey attractions for smaller parks. After a busy year based in Orlando, he’s headed for Asia for his next project.